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Katharine Esty

Katharine Esty

Katharine is a clinical social worker who was trained at Simmons School of Social Work and Boston University who has been in private practice for more than thirty years. She partners with her clients to come up with solutions in areas of their life that are not working for them. Katharine ran her own business consulting to organizations about diversity  and organizational effectiveness for twenty years.

In the midst of a very complex and challenging season in my life, Katharine guided me with patience, attentive thoughtfulness, provocative questions, and compassion. She helped me navigate a course of emotional obstacles that seemed (at the outset) without solution by providing practical and wise counsel. In her gentle, non-judgmental manner, she encouraged and assisted me to grow in ways I sometimes didn’t believe I could.”

My clients come to me because aspects of their life are not working for them. They are seek some help to create the changes they desire. Often they are depressed, anxious, grieving,or in transition. We are partners in the change process – each with our role and sharing responsibilty. With over thiry years of practice, I bring experience and a wise and open heart to my clients.

Often my clients feel stuck and that their lives lack meaning and joy. I have a large tool kit of techniques which we explore to find exactly the right ones to match my clients needs and preferences.I am active and engaged in the session, gently guiding the process.

I have found with some clients that working with dreams is effective. We explore the dreams from a Jungian perspective- seeing them as messages from our inner wisdom or unconscious.

Years in Practice: 30+ Years
School: Simmons School of social Work
Year Graduated: 1974
License No. and State: 103965 Massachusetts